24. Forensic Interviewer Skill Development with the National Children’s Advocacy Center

Episode summary

In the final episode of the 4-part series on Skill Development for Forensic Interviewers, Tony speaks with Andra Chamberlin and Kim Madden from the National Children’s Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  Both Andra and Kim are trainers and forensic interview specialists with a wealth of experience in the child abuse field.  During the conversation, Kim and Andra share their thoughts on the skills needed to be an effective forensic interviewer and how CAC’s and MDT’s can develop a process to where interviews take the foundational knowledge gained during their initial training and build more formative knowledge around the skills needed to be effective.

Guest bio:

Andra Chamberlin:  https://www.nationalcac.org/andra-k-chamberlin/

Kim Madden:  https://www.nationalcac.org/kim-madden/


Forensic Interviewing

Peer Review for Forensic Interviewers

Coaching and Mentoring

Forensic Interviewing Skill Development

Recommended resources

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Northeaast:  www.nrcac.org

Midwest:  www.mrcac.org

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