Episode 25 – Problematic Sexual Behavior: The CAC MDT Response

Episode summary

Cases of children ages 12 and younger with problematic sexual behavior (PSB) can present a myriad of challenges for multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) and Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs). After all, MDTs and CACs were historically designed to address maltreatment of children committed by adults, not by other children. When presented with child-initiated harm cases, child-serving agencies are often inadequately equipped to provide the integrated and comprehensive response that is required in these situations. (Sites, Jerri & Widefield, Jimmy. Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior: Recommendations for the Multidisciplinary Team and Children’s Advocacy Center Response (2020).

In this episode, I speak with the authors of the above referenced white paper, Jerri Sites and Jimmy Widdifield.  Both have extensive experience working with CACs and MDTs and have conducted extensive research on the topic of PSB.  During our conversation, Jerri and Jimmy share their insights and experience along with providing valuable tools for teams who are looking to enhance their response to PSB cases in their community.

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