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Episode 29 – Board Diversity


Every Child Advocacy Center wants to create a space that is safe and inclusive for all children and families that walk through the door. At times, the process of creating that space and the conversations that need to be had to ensure such a space can be difficult and uncomfortable. In this episode, I speak with Gale Britton, the Board of Trustees President for Wynona’s House, the CAC for Essex County, NJ. We intended to speak specifically about creating diversity within the entire organization. Gale speaks about the importance of clarifying the mission and vision of the organization, understanding the needs of the organization, and understanding the community you are serving. She also speaks about the importance of engaging the right people and what CAC leaders should consider when asking people to join the organization.



Gale Britton is the President of the Board of Trustees for Wynona’s House, the Child Advocacy Center for Essex County, NJ. She is also the managing partner of a consulting practice where she focuses on Diversity and Inclusion strategy, education, recruitment, and leadership development. Gale has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, and has been serving on nonprofit boards for over 15 years.



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