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NRCAC Training Expense Reimbursement

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Please only write one name in this field. If you are completing this form for multiple people, please add their names in the "notes" section by clicking "Yes" next to "Do you have any other expenses that are not listed above?"
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*Please use the attendee's (not requester's) email address.
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Expense Breakdown
Receipts are required for all reimbursement items other than meal per diems and mileage. Without receipts you will not be reimbursed. Copies of boarding passes are required for all air and train travel. Reimbursement forms and receipts must be submitted no later than thirty days after the event for which reimbursement is being requested. 

Enter numbers without dollar signs for all fields.
Copy of paid registration confirmation & certificate of attendance/completion required
Coach class; receipt & copy of boarding pass required
Receipts required
Receipts required; tips/gratuities are not able to be reimbursed
Receipts required; tips/gratuities are not able to be reimbursed
Receipt or EZPass statement required
Enter total # of miles for round trip travel - map required!!
Auto-calculated: total miles x $0.655/mile
Only government per diem rates can be reimbursed; receipt showing the room rate before taxes/fees is required.
If your hotel is over the federal per diem rate, no part of the hotel cost may be reimbursed. Please contact NRCAC or check for current rates.
Explanation of expense required below.
Please use Notes section below to describe the above listed expense.
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Our parent organization, Philadelphia Children's Alliance, utilizes to pay all reimbursements. During the reimbursement process, you will be sent an invitation to create a secure payment profile with, where you will be able to select on whether you would like to be sent a paper check to the above address or receive an ACH payment direct deposited into your account. If you have already received reimbursements from NRCAC/PCA through, you should use the same account.
Please use this area to attach your documents (receipts, boarding passes, mileage maps, etc.) 
One combined PDF attachment is preferred! 

If you are submitting two separate forms for reimbursement to yourself and your organization/agency, please only include the back up documentation that pertains to the record you are submitting.
File types accepted are: PDF, JPG, PNG
NRCAC is supported with funds awarded through OJJDP Grant Award Number 15PJDP-22-GK-03061-JJVO.