Episode 6 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What is the difference between equity and equality? What does it mean to provide true access to services for all children, and how can we get there? The Equity Council, developed by the Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center, is committed to fostering a culture of equity in the CAC movement. Councilmembers Corey Brodsky and Leigha Shoup join us to discuss what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean in the context of CACs and their crucial role in seeing children, families, CAC staff, and communities thrive.

Corey Brodsky, MA, is the Program Manager for Chapter Development & Partnerships at the Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center. 

Leigha Shoup, MS, is the former Director of the Child Advocacy Center of West Central Ohio.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Child Advocacy Center of West Central Ohio – Website

Intercultural Development Inventory

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