Episode 8 – Peer Review for Forensic Interviewers

Flashback! This episode, we’re releasing the first ever pilot we recorded for this podcast, an interview with Bethany Cottrell, former Executive Director of Merrimack County Advocacy Center in New Hampshire, on Peer Review for Forensic Interviewers. Bethany joins us to discuss the importance of Peer Review, as well as how CACs in New Hampshire have structured Peer Review on the local and statewide levels.

Bethany Cottrell is the Human Services Director for Merrimack County, NH. She was previously the Executive Director of the Merrimack County Advocacy Center.

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This project was sponsored by NRCAC from Grant Award Number 2016-CI-FX-K003 and CFDA #16.758 awarded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Department of Justice.

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