Team Facilitator Training 2.0

The task of facilitating a Multidisciplinary Team can be incredibly rewarding, but is not without its challenges. Playing a vital role on the team, a skilled Facilitator can help the MDT to function smoothly and efficiently. From navigating conflict to ensuring the best possible services for children and families, a facilitator often has to wear many hats. This training is aimed at building capacity within the Team Facilitator role and supporting them in what is often an isolated position.

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  • Enhance skills as facilitators of team meetings and ongoing team communication and relationships
  • Enhance participatory discussion that involves all team members
  • Gain insight into and strategies for identifying system issues that 
impact cases and team 
  • Promote collaborative decision-making and healthy, productive methods of addressing conflict.


Registration is limited to 20 participants and priority is given to registrants who demonstrate they are currently responsible for facilitation of team multidisciplinary meetings as well as ongoing team coordination and communication. Due to limited availability and high demand for this course, it is required that those who apply attend the training in its entirety. There is no cost for this training, and NRCAC will cover travel and lodging costs.


John Alderson
John is the director for Resources for Change, Inc., a training and consulting group that provides organizational development and consulting with public and private agencies. He has focused his work intensively on comprehensive interdisciplinary child sexual abuse programs. John has over 25 years of clinical experience with individuals, couples, families and groups. John has provided training for the U.S. Air Force and Army Family Advocacy Programs, National Resource Center on Child Sexual Abuse, National Children’s Alliance, all four Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers as well as many Departments of Social Services/Mental Health/Youth Services, and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States.

Greg Flett, MSW 
An Outreach Coordinator for the Northeast Regional CAC. Greg provides training and technical assistance to developing and established CACs and MDTs in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. He has over 10-years of experience in leadership positions at child serving non-profit organizations throughout the US. He has served as director of the Nassau County, NY and Boulder County, CO CACs and has worked closely with MDT members in multiple settings to improve outcomes for child victims of abuse and neglect. As a consultant/facilitator with WRCAC Greg has assisted MDT’s to identify and address their challenges and make necessary changes for improvement. Greg served as Associate Director for an international NGO that provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in rural Tanzania.


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