Case Review Resources

Case Review (sometimes called MDT) is the formal process through which professionals share facts and observations that inform team decisions and assist participating professionals to make decisions about cases.  Case review is a core standard of an accredited member CAC program. Case review allows the CAC to monitor cases and bring the knowledge, experience and expertise of the team members together. Through case review, the efforts of all team members are maximized because knowledge is shared and cooperation is built among the participating agencies. Case review presents an opportunity for each professional to share their unique knowledge and skill with the other team members and allow for full discussion on determining the optimum case plan and next steps.

Building a Better Case Review Together

This video training was created by NRCAC as an orientation tool for both current and incoming MDT members. This training highlights the importance of case review, provides an example of what case review can look like, and discusses the value of representatives from each discipline attending.

These accompanying guidelines are intended to help expand and enhance the Case Review process. The guidelines include information and draft resources to assist in developing Case Review procedures and relationships.



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Disclaimer: The resources provided are not an exhaustive list and more may be added in the future. Additionally, many are links to outside websites, which may, from time to time, update their content.